A gift

A gift

I have a gift and I want you to know about this. But first this: I got this site as a present of a very dear friend. She knows what I can do and she knows what I can give to people. That is why she decided to give me this site.

About my gift: I am highly sensitive. I know when people feel stressed but also when they are happy. I can literally feel them one on one. I know their pain when they are going through stuff. I know their fears. But I also know their health. To be a health practitioner you need a steady base. That is why I took basic medicine. That is why I took in all of the knowledge I could get. That is why I know a lot about many health conflicts. And yes, sometimes I advice doctors when it comes to certain conflicts they can not handle.

Dr. Musarella

In Holland I used to  to visit doctor Musarella for my Hashimoto’s and my not working thyroid. Dr. Musarella was a French Italian Jewish doctor. An anti-aging doctor. He introduced me to bio-identical hormones. And I helped him to get to know more of not common medicine. I introduced him to soursop, Pau d’Arco, moringa and more. He told me I knew more than he did. Four years ago we lost him. BDH🙏🏽.


I know when and how to help you. I know when to use homeopathic medicine, I know when to use supplements, Bach remedies, oxygen and I know when you need a boost for your health.  I can help. I helped so many people. Now: if you have something you really, really need help with, go to What’s app on my site and ask me.

If we come to a consult and an advice: it will cost you €45. $54. NIS 175.

If we come to a sole consult or a sole advice the prices are on the website.

As a service I help you to find the  finest supplements, you can order Bach Remedies at one of the best suppliers, also for stabilized oxygen I have amazing products.

It is you-time

So stop reading, face yourself and get rid of things you want to get rid of. Do you want to get rid of pain in your gut, anxiety, a running nose, sleeping problems, menopause, or gain more energy or you want to lose weight…

Ask Rosa!