Rosa de Vries

Hi, my name is Rosa, born in 1961, I have 5 children and one grandson. I live with one of my children in Israel and slowly but surely my life is getting on track. I am also: a Bach therapist, an Integral therapist, I have a 100% scent memory, very unique, I am HSP, meaning a Highly Sensitive Person and I have certain morals in life.

My morals in life brought me to this site. I am completely sure that to go and to come through life, we have a few issues to take care of.

You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to be old.

My philosophy

My vision in life is: I get there: one way or the other. There is no restriction if it comes to these three subjects.

  • Health: how can I get older with out losing my health physically as well as mentally
  • Happiness: what makes me happy and how can health interfere with happiness
  • Wellness: wellness and health come together, what is the road to all of this

My mission is: to accomplish this. I always wanted to be a doctor of medicine, but since I am not a math-person, I had to find a different way of doing this. So I started to be a beautician, learned my way through the skin and then felt this is not it. I did basic medicine and I started to learn about homeopathy, about Bach therapy, about supplementing, about food, about mental health.

I learned there is not one way to do it, there are many, many more roads lead to Rome.

My Résumé


2002 – 2004

Integral Therapy

Integral therapy is about holistic thinking and treatment. Where do the complaints and/or problems come from. What is the underlying cause. Not just fixing the problem but tackling the cause of the complaints.

2001 – 2003

Medicine basics

Basic knowledge of medicine and the human body.

1995 – 2002

Bach Therapy

An alternative way of healing, developed by the dr. Bach, who thought that ordinary (chemical) medication is far too distant from humans. He literally let his lab and practice fly into the air and moved to the inlands of Wales. He searched for natural solutions and found these in the form of flowers.

1978 – 1980

Cidesco – Beautician

Beautician education in Switzerland. Followed by make-up artist education by Dik Peeters and Charles Montagne.

Nice to Know


Learned and devoured everything about homeopathy, phytotherapy, especially plants and fruits outside Europe and their effect.

Various courses in orthomolecular science and medication.


When you are 26 and you have your first baby, after hours of contractions with the caesarean section, you will start looking for the best way to get rid of your PND. And from the colic of the baby and the ear infections that the baby develops quickly and if that happens again with baby 2, where a huge HB deficit reveals itself, then as a mother you are dependent on your own ingenuity.

This was the beginning of my journey into the wonderful world of medical science, which very quickly brought me to the wonderful world of alternative medical science. Together with Dr. Musarella and my very special friend Marja Zahavi, we have spent many hours talking, exchanging science and constantly discovering new possibilities. Unfortunately they both passed away. I dedicate my site to both of them. Because we saw that medical science should be combined with alternative and anti-aging science.

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