All you need is..O2!

Let’s talk about oxygen! We need it so much and it is one of the most abundant elements in the universe. Oxygen is all around us and we can not do without it! Oxygen gives our cells power and makes sure our system survives. We also need it to build up new cells. So why this blog?  Did you hear about immunity lately? I did not really wanted to mention it, but I am sure it is one of the things we hear all the time, specifically these days. Oxygen is one of the most important parts of our immune system. Since our respiratory system gets less oxygen and more chemicals, pesticides and pollution into our system we do need to give the system a hand. A good hand!

Every breath you take

It is not only a song, it is what we do every day and night: breath in and breath out to get oxygen in our cells. There are a lot of options to increase oxygen in our body:

  1. Open a window
  2. Grow plants in your house
  3. Exercise
  4. Mind
  5. Eat fresh iron-rich products

What if not enough oxygen?

A few things we know will happen:

Breathless, dizzy, headaches, high blood pressure,  confusion, chest pains. I am sure you can tell me more items. So to help us make sure we get more than enough oxygen at the right places: I found this great product I will tell you about. It will give you oxygen in a natural way, with natural minerals and vitamins. It will give your brain exactly what it needs: your muscles the power you are looking for and you will feel like a different person. But it will for example also help your eyes when they are really tired of looking television or the computerscreen.


What would you like to know about this product? Did you read the testimonial and do you like to know more? Could it be for you? And what about your animals? Can we use it for them as well? I will answer anything in What’s app or in an email.

Next blog: question me!

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Start thinking and let me know ASAP!