Bach Therapy, one of the wonders of nature!

There was a time I was searching for alternative ways of curing people. My mom did exactly the same: she was a hypnotherapist and foot zone reflexologist. She helped lots of people. I did homeopathy, but I wanted more. My mom came to me with Bach remedies and I was sold immediately. Why? I tell you.

Doctor Edward Bach

The story of doctor Edward Bach is a story that gets me: a doctor that really wanted to help people and me just like him: decided that chemical medicine does not fit into a natural human system. This is his story:

Early medical career

Edward Bach studied medicine first in Birmingham and later at the University College Hospital, London, where he was House Surgeon. He also worked in private practice, having a set of consulting rooms in Harley Street. As a bacteriologist and pathologist he undertook original research into vaccines in his own research laboratory.

Dr. Edward Bach qualified as a doctor in 1912. He stated as he received his diplomas, “it will take me five years to forget all I have been taught.”

In 1917 Dr. Bach was working on the wards tending to soldiers returned injured from France. One day he collapsed and was rushed into an operating theatre suffering from a severe haemorrhage. His colleagues operated to remove a tumour, but the prognosis was poor. When he came round they told Bach that he had only three months left to live.

As soon as he could get out of bed, Bach returned to his laboratory. He intended to advance his work as far as he could in the short time that remained. But as the weeks went by he began to get stronger. The three months came and went and found him in better health than ever. He was convinced that his sense of purpose was what saved him: he still had work to do.

Up to now Bach had been working with bacteria, but he wanted to find remedies that would be purer and less reliant on the products of disease. He began collecting plants and in particular flowers – the most highly-developed part of a plant – in the hope of replacing the nosodes with a series of gentler remedies.

By 1930 he was so enthused by the direction his work was taking that Dr. Bach gave up his lucrative Harley Street practice and left London. Dr. Bach became determined to devote the rest of his life to the new system of medicine that he was sure could be found in nature.

Source: Bach Centre


There is a lot more to be found about doctor Bach. Check out the site of the Bach Centre. For me as a person, his way of treating people became a mirror of self reflection. Being a trained Bach therapist and still learning every day I could help so many people. Not only adults, but also newborn babies, toddlers, adolescents and even animals.

Some examples:

I had a practice at a Centre of New Borns when I still lived in Holland. My practice was growing, slowly but surely. I remember two specific cases: the midwife who worked there, had to give birth herself and she got into a psychosis. I could get her out, by giving her rescue and some other remedies. I explain later.

Also there was this older woman, who was during ’40 – ’45 in the camps of the Japanese,  she could not go to the bathroom for all the years after this crazy time. I treated her and after about six weeks, she called me, she cried, but not of pain: she had to go and she could: without any laxative, the first time in over 60 years.

38 Bach Remedies

38 Bach Remedies, found in nature, all of them corresponding to any emotion a human being can go through. Doctor Bach started his practice and could really achieve amazing results. I like to tell you what happens and how it works. For example: a new born baby crying every day, day and night. There is no physical problem. No need for medicine, the baby is fine said the doctor that checked him. But the new mom is going nuts. What can she do?

Babies go through a lot: one day they are in the womb, the sound of blood is going all around their little safe environment. They hear their moms heartbeat, they are safe and sound. And then labour starts. Oy, they need to go out and it is not so comfortable too. In this case there is a C-section after many hours of labour. When the baby comes out: he is in a shock, he is cold, he misses the very secure sounds of the mom and starts to cry.


Ofcourse everybody goes through the same, but some of the newborns are having a hard time to cope. They need a little help to adjust to life. The remedy for this is Star of Betlehem. It is the remedy of shock, trauma and emotional pain. You put a few drops on the head of the baby, or in the bath water and you will see what will happen. By the way; also the mom needs the drops and sometimes all of the other family members. The other remedy you can give to a newborn is Cherry Plum: the remedy of stress and anxiety. Also great for a child that pees in his bed a lot after a stressy day or a child or adult that is going through a lot of stress.

Rescue Remedy

Rescue remedy is sold in lots of places, but I really like to point out this remedy is a mix of 5 remedies. It is meant to be used in a situation of shock, panic. Like a fall, or bad news, or bumping your knee and in direct pain. A few drops on that spot and the pain is a lot less. Also take it in, because you might be in a state of shock. But use it like this and it is accurate.


There is a lot to tell about Bach Remedies and there are a lot of possibilities to use it. If you have questions: send me a What’s app. If you want a consult you can apply on the site. If you are in Europe or where ever: make an appointment at my site and consult me at Zoom or by phone. I help you to order the remedies you need. In Israel, make an appointment at the site and I can do a consult on the phone or at Zoom, but also personal. I can make you your personal mix. You will pay for the consult and only the costs of the drops.

I can also make you your own Rescue Remedy. I hope to see you soon and remember information questions are always welcome and no charge.

To life Lechajim!