Oil is the life saver in your kitchen closet

Supplements, you need them more than you imagine!

What do you think filling or feeding will keep you healthy?

The Magic Mix, use it when ever you feel you need strength and a boost!

Nooo…sleep is absolutely not overrated. We need it as much as food, as water, as oxygen.

Bach Remedies a kind possibility to heal and feel good

Periwinkle, unknown, but you need to know about this!

I love baklava, a pita with humus and so on. The thing is: it made me a sick person.

Our body, we think we do not need to take special care of it. But we have to. Our cells are fed by the food we eat. Bad food, bad cells. Sick human.

Soursop is a fruit coming from South America. Full of anti-oxidants and lots more. Immune system defense, resistence, pain in the joints, losing weight and so much more. Now book a consult and order this perfect fruit and see what it can do for you.