Feel good food and feel bad food!

Do you know this feeling: tired, muscles that do not want to do a thing, depressed, unhappy and so on? Probably you think it is you or it is your nature. No, it is not. It is absolutely not. People who are unhappy because of things that happen during the day are of course always there, but by eating feel good food, you bounce back and will not be depressed. So let’s see what our friend Brittanica says about food:


Food, substance consisting essentially of protein, carbohydrate, fat, and other nutrients used in the body of an organism to sustain growth and vital processes and to furnish energy. The absorption and utilization of food by the body is fundamental to nutrition and is facilitated by digestion.

What do I miss?

Of course it is true what Brittannica states, but: there is a lot to ad. There is food and there is filling. And people seem to think that filling will be good for them. Now way! Filling is usually bad quality kind of food, made in a plant, stuffed with chemicals, preservatives, color etc. The body is very unhappy when his owner is feeding him with filling. Examples of food like this: plastic bags in the supermarkets with fries, pots with vegetables, white pasta, white rice, anyway, I do not need to bother you about all this. Let’s talk about good food!

Good food!

Good food is feeding you, is giving your body power to move, to let your blood flow, to let you be happy and most of all: be healthy. Your cells need to be fed and need to use the food they are getting. Healthy cells will be healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy arteries, healthy organs. Your thyroid will be making sure your hormones will also be balanced and at the end of the day you sleep well too. So this is the reason we have to leave the factory food aside and start thinking about a different way of feeding ourselves.


I know it is easier said then done. The fries and mayonnaise are so good and what about that pizza in the box, so easy to warm up and eat within 11 minutes. Every child loves pasta, I know countries where they only feed the children pasta. And here it is: children when young need good food. We create the base to a healthy life. Of course they like candy and you can not take all of them. But you can learn them step by step to eat different. To make pancakes out of almond flour, eggs, coconut oil and honey. You can learn them an apple a day keeps the doctor away: but clean it real thoroughly.


Eat good! There is so much nice and fresh food that will help you to be healthy. Do you like bread: buy flower that does not have gluten, bake your own bread. Do you like brownies: find a recipe with raw chocolate, maybe with honey and see how good it is. Make a banana pancake. And if you can not resist: now and then something bad your body will be able to handle. You only get one life, make it your best one!

To life Lechajim!

Feel good and feel bad food