Let’s talk about: Periwinkle!

Do you know about Periwinkle? It is really something. First let me give you the name in different languages: Pervinca in Italian, in French: Pervenche, oh lala, in Spanish: VincaperVinca, in Dutch: Maagdenpalm. But why do I want you to know about Periwinkle? Here it comes: it is a cure that has been used thousands of years and has an anti-bacterial, analgesic (painkilling) but also hypotensive (lower your bloodpressure) possibilities. Periwinkle contains different alkaloids known as very helpful herb #tinnitus, the peep in your ears that is only getting worse and not going away. But also helpful at improving your hearing when you are geting older: prebycusis, vertigo: being very, very dizzy,  headaches and glaucoma.

But there is more:

Periwinkle is a real good help in gaining memory when you are getting older, so: Alzheimer’s disease and short term memory loss. Periwinkle also contains anti-cancer qualities and is used lots of times as a support against: leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, lymphoma and some tumors.

Periwinkle has anti-flammatory qualities and is a natural remedy #arthritis, fibromyalgia, psioriasis and atherosclerosis. But remember these diseases require a good physician: never act as a doctor yourself! If you want to know about the use of Periwinkle: a phytotherapist is the person who can assist you.

Wow, so many diseases, what else?

Periwinkle tea is great to use at fear and being nervous, it brings your menstrual pains down, improves your memory and brings your bloodpressure down.

To make this tea, you use two teaspoons dried herbs and add it to two cups of hot water. Leave it for about 15 minutes, sweeten it with raw honey, if you like and drink it!


It helps you to stop wound bleeding. Take dry herbs, leave them in water during 30 minutes and put them there wherever you need them, using a  bandage to wrap around it. And again: there is more: it will stop bleeding gums and in water it is very effective as mouth water. Since it helps you with your memory: use it at exams or other hard work with your brain.

Nice to know: you can eat the Periwinkle flower and use them as decoration for your salad!

Do you want to use Periwinkle: buy Vinpocetine, Periwinkle as a supplement.

To life Lechajim!