Oil..a lifesaver

This blog will be about the value of oil, specially coconut oil. I love coconut oil. There are many stories around that tell you that oil is not good for you, it will make you fat, you get pimples etc. Let me tell you the reason that you should start using oil and let me tell you how you can use the right oil. It will not make you fat, it will not give you pimples. First of all: there are many bad oils around. Usually coming from factories, that use any quality and sell it as the real thing. Olive oil, sunflower oil, canola oil and also coconut oil. The thing is, like with honey, if it is not the real thing, it will not do much for you and it will not make you healthy. This blog will be about olive oil and coconut oil.

What does our friend Britannica says about oil:


oil, any greasy substance that is liquid at room temperature and insoluble in water. It may be fixed, or nonvolatile, oil; essential oil; or mineral oil (see petroleum).

Fat and oil processing
The oil and fat products used for edible purposes can be divided into two distinct classes: liquid oils,…

Fixed oils and fats have the same chemical composition: they consist chiefly of glycerides, resulting from a reaction between an alcohol called glycerol and certain members of a group of compounds known as fatty acids. Along with proteins and carbohydrates, the glyceride oils and fats constitute the three main classes of food. Besides their nutritive importance, these oils have a variety of industrial uses. Linseed, tung, and other drying oils (i.e., those that are highly unsaturated) and large quantities of soybean, sunflower, and safflower oils are used in paints, varnishes, and alkyd resins. Such oils are particularly well suited for this application because, when exposed to air, they absorb oxygen and polymerize readily, forming thin layers as a skin or protective film.

So that is a standard knowledge, nice to know. And again I need to ad something. Let’s talk about the best of oils.

Oils which are great for your health

When you are in a store, doing your groceries and you need oil: what are you looking for? Do you like to cook in it, fry in it, use it on your skin, your hair or eat it just as is? So how do you know you are getting the right thing? Okay, first of all: you need to buy organic oil, oil that has been treated the right way. You can see on the label how it is prepared. Is it virgin oil, or extra virgin oil, is it cold pressed? These are all the regulations you need to check. Now for instance olive oil: if it is the best oil, it is extra virgin and cold pressed, so not heated at all! If you taste it, it is edible and tastes great. But it will also be fine to put in your hair, it will sooth your hair, put on your face or your body as a body lotion. But do not use it to fry your meat, or your potatoes. Olive oil will burn too fast, so it is not good for your health. When you eat it as is, it will help your vanes to stay flexible and it is great for your metabolism. So no pimples, it is good for your skin, and no gaining weight: your metabolism is going up!

In short:

Extra virgin olive oil can even help birth outcomes and child development.

Olive oil helps prevent osteoporosis, but without causing estrogenic issues like many other treatments.

Olive oil is great for a number of health concerns, including improving immunity by working on the gut biome, and increasing insulin sensitivity in subjects with metabolic syndrome.

Studies show olive oil’s significant cancer-fighting properties.

Olive oil is good for heart and blood vessels

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is my favorite kind of oil. No day goes by without using it. I take a sunbath with it, it has a protection of factor 7 , I use it for my hair, my dry ends, I use it for my teeth with baking soda, I use it in my coffee and tea, good for my full system, no sugar needed, I use it as butter wherever I need to, I fry my meat, my chips and the good thing is the oil is not burning at all. The main reason for all these benefits is MCT: MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides. Coconut oil is a rich source. Researchers have found that consuming a type of saturated fat in coconut oil, called MCTs, may increase the number of calories you burn and lots more.

So coconut oil is the oil to use.

In short:

Coconut oil has antimicrobial and antifungal properties due to its MCT content — specifically, lauric acid

The MCTs in coconut oil provide a quick supply of energy

May help reduce hunger

May boost skin health

May help reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

A good source of anti-oxydants

I can tell you about 50 benefits of coconut oil. I will not do this here, but to read about it:

The Coconut Miracle| 9789079872732 | Bruce Fife

Ask Rosa for the dosage!

To life Lechajim!