Our body, let’s treat it right!

Starting this site and these blogs and running through beautiful remedies to help you heal your body,  I figured it might be a good thing to explain more about the human body so you know how to watch what you eat and drink. One of the most clever things to remember is: do not eat food you see in commercials. Why? This is no food at all. Try food like vegetables, fruits, if you do eat meat: ask where it comes from, fish same thing. There are lots of stores where they are able to tell where the veggies and fruits come from. Remember this: always wash them in water and apple-cidervinegar. The only way to wipe away the Round UP pesticides. Fish like tilapia, is cheap and comes from diluted waters from Vietnam. Check the other fish too. Lots of animals get antibiotics. All of these chemicals in our food will go straight to your cells and the cells will be damaged.


The worst thing of all: by eating bad food, food with chemicals: you slowly but surely destroy your intestines. Picture this: the human body is a perfect system, the organs, the cells, they are all connected and because of that you function the way you should. So: this is what you can do: check your food, eat the stuff you get from your environment. Go to the farmer close by, buy your veggies and your fruits. Check with your butcher, your baker. Do you eat bread: change the kind of wheat, without gluten. Spelled wheat is a lot better. Maybe you feel akward in the beginning, but you will feel so much better. Since most of our environment is in a bad state..sorry, we need to supplement ourselves. I work with Juice Plus, a company that offers you the best fruits, veggies and berries in a capsule. They put lots of vitamins and minerals in the capsules and when changing your way of eating and adding these supplements you will see a big difference in your life, as well in your sleep.


What about these cells? The human body is composed of trillions of cells. They provide structure for the body, take in nutrients, change these nutrients into energy and carry out specialized functions. Cells also contain the body’s hereditary material and can make copies of themselves. What do you think will happen when these cells are damaged? Toxic damage to cells will cause individual cell death and if sufficient cells are lost, the result can be tissue or organ failure, ultimately leading to death of the organism.  The body and specifically the intestines are damaged, you lose your resistance and you will get sick.


In my next blog I will send you tips and tricks to make sure your intestines will be in good shape. I know and understand how hard it is to change the way of eating, but changing that will put you in better shape. Your intestines will work as they should, a lot less toxines in your blood, inflammation less, autoimmune disease will get better: reumatic arthiritis, Hashimoto’s, diabetes 2 and so on!  Eventually you lose weight, not by dieting, but by re-arranging your life. I am not telling you to stop living, I am telling you to slowly but surely try to create a different way of living. To life: lechajiem!

Good food