Propolis, the unexpected

Everybody knows about honey, the miracle of the bees. We love honey in our tea, in pastry, it helps your throat when it is sore. But there is a lot more to tell about products which come from our little bee-friends. So first of all: treat bees with respect, they might be the most important little creatures for our health and even our world. Second: never buy honey from a supermarket or a commercial. It will be a product coming from China and never ever made by the bees. So it will not accomplish anything.

Propolis, another beautiful bee-product

Let me first tell you what propolis really is. Propolis is a natural mixture produced by the honeybees. It is made from parts of plants, buds and more. It is used by the bees in the construction and repair of their hive they built for their queen bee and they use it as a barrier to keep invaders out. It feels like a waxy substance when not used before. So that is the main reason our little friends use is. But there is a lot more to tell about this great bee-invention.

This bee-glue is full of surprises

Honey and propolis gives us possibilities to heal from a lot of different issues. So let me show you some:

Wound treatment, respiratory infections, common cold, burn treatment, acne, herpes simplex and genitalis, neurodermatitis. And there is more. You can use it as a mouthwash, use it as antibiotics, creams and so on. It is anti viral, a huge antioxidant and ofcourse antimicrobial.

The real thing

But be aware: only use the real thing. Go to a bees farm and ask the people who work with the bees about their best propolis. Usually they produce beautiful products out of it. And while you are with it: buy a jar of their honey and taste the difference. So when you feel under the weather, go and find a bees farm or a good healthfood store and buy the propolis from that store. Let them give you the information you need. The best product you can buy from the environment you are in. If you want me to advice you: go to What’s app and I let you know whatever there is to know about this gorgeous product. And let’s keep the bees safe! Lechajim!

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