Nooo…sleep is absolutely not overrated. We need it as much as food, as water, as oxygen. So many people can not sleep and what happens to them? They are cranky, that is one, but more they are losing their health. It is simple: the perfect human system, works great, but also needs to sleep. And again food is involved: sugar: is an upper, as is dough. Alcohol is a downer, but when you had the downer you lose your sleep again. So let’s see what our friend Brittanica says about sleep:


Natural periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers of the body are restored. Humans normally sleep at night, whereas nocturnal species sleep during the day. Adult humans sleep between six and nine hours per night, though increasing numbers of people sleep less than six hours. Sleep is divided into two main types: REM (rapid-eye-movement) and NREM (non-REM), each of which recurs cyclically several times during a normal period of sleep. REM sleep is characterized by increased neuronal activity of the forebrain and midbrain, by depressed muscle tone, and by dreaming (see dream), rapid eye movements, and vascular congestion of the sex organs. NREM sleep is divided into stages, the last of which is the deep, restorative, quiet sleep commonly associated with “a good night’s rest.”

Sleeping problems

So what can you do if you can not sleep and how does it happen to you?

Stress can be a non-sleeper, too busy can be a non-sleeper, hormones, when you get older, can be a non-sleeper, by the way also when you are younger. Pain can wake you and can keep you awake. There are many more reasons a person can not go to sleep. Yes, you can go to the familydoctor but he will never get to the bottom of things and will give you some addictive kind of medicine. Most people do take this, but they forget one very important thing: our perfect human system is telling you something and by using the medicine you simply do not take care of that thing.


It is very important to see if you are balanced, specifically hormonal. If the balance is not right you will not sleep. But also there can be a disease underneith and your system is warning you. It can be a lack of vitamins, yes also these guys can give you a lack of sleep. So, I will give you some possibilities. Since there is a law in Europe which tells you not to tell too much about supplements or other medication coming from plants I will be very neat and tell you the name of the supplements, but you have to go to Google and find out what they do yourself.

Some examples:

Niacine, vitamine B3, Flush Free, will it be great to try. Only one a day. Everybody knows about melatonin. It is for sale over the counter. There are complete melatonin-programs made by certain companies. There are a few things you need to know about this supplement. First of all it is a hormone, but it has more qualities that will be very interesting to know about. Find it and look it up! Then there is Bach Remedies. See my last blog. Magnesium: the greatest relaxing supplement. All of these need to be taken at the right dosage and in a right combination. And there is more. Ask RoSa!


Don’t take a lot of alcohol before you go to sleep: what do you think the sugar will be doing? Don’t eat too much de-motivating food full of exorfines. Throw away your phone or your I-pad, the blue light will make you stay awake. All the tips and tricks our grandmother’s gave us were accurate: ventilate your room, read a book before you go to sleep. And here it is, not for everybody though, but when possible: have some good will work too.


Sleep is important, some need it more than others. But you do need it. If for some reason your sleeping is changing and you checked all the above, talk to somebody that will help you figure out what to do. And do not try only a doctor. There are sleep-therapists, yoga exercises, meditation, but also think out of the box and try the things you did not think of. So where ever you are: have a good night’s rest!

To life Lechajim!