Soursop! Wonder of wonders.

Today I want you to know about this phenomenal fruit coming from the South of America. Soursop is loved in the Caribbean, ofcourse South America and South East Asia. Soursop, also known as guanabana, guyabano, graviola, grows on the Annona muricata tree, has a greenish-yellow color, spikey skin, and white flesh. Its taste is a combi of strawberry and apple, but with a little citrus mixed in.


When it comes to its medical use, soursop has some issues. We can not deny this fruit has health claims, but we can only present you testimonials and let you be the judge. Studies have shown that soursop could eliminate some cancer cells, although experts warn against using soursop to fight cancer as it hasn’t been studied in humans. Though studies regarding cancer-fighting properties have shown soursop  reduces blood sugar levels, inflammation and to have antibacterial properties. Because these properties have not officially been studied in humans, it can’t be concluded soursop is an alternative to traditional medicine. Soursop does contain really high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C, which are both key to keeping a healthy immune system.


This is a healthy fruit that, like other types of fruit, provides essential vitamins and minerals when added to your diet. But I like to present to you clients, no names, that came to me and their testimonials regarding soursop and you will exactly know what to do.

Woman, 73, reumatic pains and stiffness in both hands. She started to drink soursop-tea and took wrappings with the used leaves. She could not believe her eyes, but within a few days the pain was a lot less and the worst finger could move a little bit. She will be doing a course of 30 days.

Woman, 49, went to see a doctor for one of her fingers. Very painful, hardly able to touch the finger. Doctor confirmed it was arthrosis and wanted to give antibiotics. The woman did not accept, came to me and started to use soursop-tea and also wrappings. It took three weeks, the swelling was down, no more pain and still.

Woman, 54, round the mouth rosacea, very little pimples, red skin, itchy and a bit pain. Doctor gave a hydrocortisone cream. She took it, used it and the rosacea became worse. She came to me, started with soursop-tea. Within four weeks it was all gone.

Soursop, your way to a happy health