Specifications Cinnamon

Okay, here we go: my first blog!

Cinnamon one of my favorite herbs, but I think everybody likes the sweet and tasty herb. Did you know that most of the available cinnamon at the supermarket is Cassia and that is a different quality? Did you also know that Ceylon Cinnamon is the best to use for your health?


Ceylon Cinnamon is the real thing, it comes from Sri Lanka and it is made from the inner bark of the Cinnamon Verum tree. I love the color of cinnamon and the smell too, but what is so important about this variety of cinnamon: it is anti-viral! There has been a lot of research regarding this terrific herb.


Cassia is the other variety of cinnamon. Cassia comes from China, Indonesia and other countries. Both Ceylon and Cassia are delicious and both contain coumarin. But if you consume a large amount of Cassia you could end up sick. There is a bigger supply from Cassia so it will cost you less money. If you like to use cinnamon in an anti-viral possibility, use the Ceylon, more expensive but it works for you.  Do you like to know how to use Ceylon? Send me a note at my What’s app and book a consult. You made a step towards a happy solution from your kitchen closet.