Baking Soda nature or magic?

It is time for your kitchen closet! Baking soda must be in there somewhere. This blog will be about baking soda. I learned about it from my good friend Marja Zahavi many many years ago. Baking soda is not only to bake, but it can help you in so many ways. You can brush your teeth with it, use it as a deodorant, wash your hair, clean the kitchen and so on. But to me the most important effect of baking soda is curing infections of the bladder!


As so many other girls I use to have bladder infections, a lot. I remember my mom telling me:” keep it warm under your skirt”. When I got older and started to have my first boyfriend and having sex, I got the bladder infections again. But what could I do? Go to the doctor: ask for antibiotics? Taking paracetamol for the pain? Drink a lot of tea? Not the answer. Untill I discovered the use of baking soda. And I created a baking soda protocol for women and for men if needed.


In an other blog I will return to more of the good effects of baking soda, but this is really something I feel you need to know. By using baking soda you get rid of the terrible pain a bladder infection will give you when using the bathroom. Also when it goes beyond that the pain will be there all the time. I can help you in this stage of bladder infection and even worse. But there is also a prevention theory I practice and will help you not develop any bladderinfection at all.. So as a gift, I will give you the prevention theory. If you are having a bladder infection right now and you are in pain, go to my consult page and I will help you to get rid of the pain as fast as possible.

To prevent the infection do this: you wake up in the morning and take a glass of cold water with one teaspoon of baking soda. You don’t have to to this every day, although it is good for all of your system. If you are very sensitive and you know sex can be the cause of an infection, do this: before you have sex, a few hours before, take the glass of cold water with the teaspoon of baking soda. Then the next day you do it again. Do you feel a little bit of stinging coming up, take an other glass. Ususally you only need one glass. Make sure you use enough vitamin C, drink enough herbal tea and water. Good luck!

baking soda